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Assembly &  Kitting

We have employees with over 30 years' experience in aircraft assembly including leading edge wing slats, engine pylons, landing gear door assemblies, machined parts, etc. Our assembly and kitting services simplify our customers' supply chains and streamline their final assembly processes.

Assembly - We assemble flight-critical, structural components that are both machined in-house and sourced from third party supplies.

Kitting - We aggregate a variety of pre-specified components, many of which are machined in-house into kits with detailed assembly instructions.

These integrated services provide us the opportunity to become a stronger partner in our customers supply chains to best deliver their needs.

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April 12, 2018 - Media Release: New CEO - Phil Anderson

Announcing Acquisition of Nex-Tech Aerospace                  Awards

Cryogenic Machining of Titanium Increases Tool Life          SBA Adminstrator's Award for Excellence

January 10, 2014 - News Release: Merger of HM Dunn and Apex
Engineering International to Form Super Tier 2 Aerospace Company


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