"Your Partner for Aerospace and Defense Structural Solutions"  


We specialize in close tolerance machining of Titanium, Steel, Aluminum, Castings and Forgings. Some of our capabilities include small to large machined parts and assemblies, complex contoured surfaces, tool design, and the manufacturing of jigs, fixtures and contour molds. We have also incorporated quick set-up technology so as to better serve our customers requiring smaller lot, JIT production.

Our CNC Capabilities are:
160 CNC machines (3, 4, 5, 6 axis)
                 –  Large CNC-Max travel range (X,Y,Z)  780 x 114 x 47”
                 –  Complex machining —
Tight-tolerance aero-structural component machining —
High and Low Volume capabilities
             •  State-of-the-art design & production software
Machining of aluminum, titanium & steel parts
Complex aero structures parts requiring significant expertise

MAG3 5-Axis Machining Line with
Automated Palletizing Capabilities

Hyundai 4-Axis Machining Center

6-Axis Horizontal Machine
167" x 114" x 24" Travel